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Patients frequently research extensively their planned
surgical procedure before coming to the hospital.  But
they are surprisingly ill-informed about their anesthesia.  
The patients often get their anesthesia information from
the surgeon or his office staff.  But they are NOT
anesthesiologists.  They are then shocked when they
finally meet their anesthesiologist and the plan is for a
general anesthetic instead of a regional like the surgeon
told them.  Good surgeons will defer questions about
anesthetic care to the anesthesiologist. Because as any
good surgeon will tell you, the most important person in
the operating room (after the patient) is the
anesthesiologist.  Think about it.  While the surgeon is
doing everything possible to make you die, slicing the
skin open with a knife, cutting out body parts, bleeding
out the blood supply, the anesthesiologist is the one
keeping you alive.  Without the anesthesiologist, every
operating room would resemble the
amputation scene in
"Gone With The Wind," a literal shop of horrors.  For
those with a strong stomach, you can read
Before Anesthesia" from the ASA newsletter.

Here at Great Z's.com, I have assembled a directory of
knowledgeable advice on anesthesia from all over the
web.  Instead of looking up
dental anesthesia, then
doing another search for
conscious sedation, I have
done that for you here. Had problems with postoperative
nausea and vomiting with previous surgeries?  I've
collected the latest guidelines from the experts on
preventing and treating this dreaded complication.  
Since there is currently great interest in
propofol, there
is a page devoted to that drug and another page for
propofol addiction.

Anesthesiology is a very broad field.  We will not be able
to cover every single category, such as chronic pain.  
But for now I hope you find the links useful.  I've always
encouraged questions from my patients because I feel
an informed patient is a better patient.  If they know what
is about to happen, they feel more in control of their
environment and experience less anxiety.

I appreciate any comments you wish to leave us in the
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relevant web site I missed, I would love to hear about it.  
If you think this site is not so great, well I would like to
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improve and make this better.  If you do find this site
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