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Physician Rating Sites

Trying to look up the anesthesiologist you will have or
have had for your surgery?  These are some of the
more common sites you will find; we do not endorse any
physician rating site.  We suspect that many patients
who fill out these ratings usually have a complaint about
their doctor.  Sadly, it's just human nature that people
are more motivated to complain than to compliment. You
might find that your doctor has received sterling reviews.
 Or a
criminal record.  You never know.  If you can't find
your doctor on one site, try another one.  There
probably isn't a single site with every physician in the
Angie's List  If you're looking for a plumber and a
proctologist, this site is for you. Rating categories include
accupuncturists, chiropractors, and optometrists but no
anesthesiologists. A health news web site that also rates
doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies. Research doctors,
hospitals, nursing homes, health insurance plans, etc.

DoctorFinder A site by the American Medical Association
to help you find a physician.  Physicians only.  No
dentists, chiropractors, etc. A doctor rating site that collects money
from physicians who want to improve their practices by
collecting patient feedback on the site.  See
statement. Find physicians, dentists, and
veterinarians in the U.S. and other English speaking
countries. Rate physicians, dentists, hospitals,
even prescription drugs at this site. General doctor rating site that includes
the unusual ability to find
crimes committed by
physicians. A quick scan shows doctors who committed
DUI, shoplifting, and cocaine trafficking. Another site that rates physicians and
dentists (but no veterinarians) practicing in the U.S. and
other English speaking countries. Besides doctors, you can
find information on hospitals, infertility clinics,
mammography centers, etc. Generic doctor rating site.
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