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General Anesthesia
When people think of anesthesia, they usually mean
anesthesia in both layman and technical language.  
There's also a list of commonly administered
anesthetic drugs.  Finally a few links to explanations
about the potentially deadly complication of malignant
hyperthermia and sites for people afraid of anesthesia
and needles.  Anesthesia made easy.  Can be
understood by any medical student or anesthesia
resident.  You engineering types will like it too.

How anesthesia works  Brief layman's description of
the mechanism of anesthesia. Web site with
comprehensive descriptions of anesthetics down to
the cellular level is fascinating stuff for everyone from
anesthesia attendings to biochemists.

Patients' Guide to General Anesthesia A brief Q&A
about anesthesia by Dr. John Oyston, an
anesthesiologist from Toronto.

Sleep  What's the difference between anesthesia and
sleep?  Here's an entire of page links devoted to
sleep, sleep disorders, and dreams.

Anesthetic Drugs

Propofol  A page devoted to just this timely topic.

IV anesthetics A short, abbreviated list of intravenous
drugs used in anesthesia, but a nice start for further

Inhalational agents How the term gaspasser or
gasman became synonymous with anesthesiologists
(though don't say it to the anesthesiologist).

Muscle relaxants This is how the surgeon can work on
your delicate organs without you moving all over the
operating room table causing him to slice an artery.

Malignant Hyperthermia

Details on Malignant Hyperthermia  ASA press release

Clinical Presentation of MH  From ASA Newsletter. Malignant Hyperthermia Association of the
U.S. The web site for everything related to M.H.

Fear of Anesthesia and Needles

Anesthesia phobia blog A small community forum for
voicing your fears.

What is Needlephobia? A site from the British medical
device maker Smith & Nephew that is trying to sell you
a topical anesthetic but has good information about

Needle Phobia A thorough site with tons of information
on this common fear.  I guess needle phobia are two
words in American English.

Another needle phobia page  A rather long and
difficult to read article about this fear.  Beware, your
eyes will water when you first try to read this page due
to the black background and small type.
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Intubating a patient  How a patient gets put to sleep..

Starting an IV Always ask for a local anesthetic to
numb up the skin at the IV puncture site, as shown at
the end of this video.