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On this page, we'll discuss anesthesia and other
medically related topics that are currently on the public's
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Propofol Addiction

It was recently revealed that Michael Jackson may have
used the anesthetic propofol in the past to help him with
insomnia.  Propofol has revolutionized the practice of
anesthesia with its extraordinary patient-friendly
qualities, including quick onset, lack of sequela, and
anti-nausea effects  Patients frequently report
afterwards that they had the most comfortable and
restful sleep in a long time and (jokingly?) ask about
taking some home.  But it should never be given in a
private home unless the home is set up with proper
medical monitors and means for resuscitation.  Also
hiring an anesthesiologist to inject it would be helpful.  
Propofol also has previously underappreciated addictive
qualities that makes it as dangerous as any narcotic.

Diprivan  Generic name propofol.

Propofol addiction  A growing problem for medical

Case report of addiction in a lay person An interesting
account of a 25 year old propofol addict.

Lusedra  Also known as Aquavan.  Generic name
fospropofol.  Newly approved by the FDA.  A prodrug to
propofol that could be the future of anesthesia.

A Food and Drug Administration panel has recently
proposed to
ban the popular narcotics Vicodin and
Percocet.  The panel noted liver toxicity from the
acetaminophen component of the drugs and also their
addictive qualities

Vicodin Generic name hydrocodone.

Percocet Generic name oxycodone.

Pharm parties  Growing trend among teens who gather
together to abuse prescription medications.