Prescription Drug Abuse

We bring up this subject because of the tragic death of
Michael Jackson (RIP MJ).  While the cause of death is
unknown at the time of this writing, he has been
reported to have had an addiction to prescription drugs
in the past.  There have also been other celebrities
recently who have succumbed to prescription drug
abuse, including Heath Ledger and Anna Nicole Smith.  
We include a small list of commonly abused prescription
drugs but the
prescription drug abuse chart is much
more comprehensive.

White House Drug Policy The official drug abuse policy
from the White House (just say no?)

National Institute On Druge Abuse  A list of commonly
abused prescription drugs from the NIH.

Parents, The Anti-Drug  The National Youth Anti-Drug
Media Campaign with tips for parents on how to prevent
and treat their children's addictions.

Prescription Drug Abuse Chart  A handy chart of
commonly abused drugs and their street names (quick
what are tooies, tranks, hillbilly heroin?).

Demerol Generic name meperidine.

Oxycontin Generic name oxycodone.  

Valium Generic name diazepam.

Dilaudid Generic name hydromorphone.

Xanax Generic alprazolam.  A fascinating site that includes first person
accounts of experimentation with psychotropic drugs.  
Probably for mature adults only.

Learn CPR  A quick guide from the Univ. of Washington
if you should need to perform cardiopulmonary

Malignant Hyperthermia

The March 2008 death in Florida of a teenager
undergoing outpatient surgery caused by MH brought
national headlines and consternation about this rare
anesthetic complication  While we have another page
MH, we will give more details here about the
Florida incident.

Stephanie Kuleba  A news article from the South Florida
Sun-Sentinel about the teen's death.

Treatment for MH  From  If you're
susceptible to MH and having any kind of surgery
performed (inpatient or outpatient), this is a handy list to
take with you so you can ask your facility if they are
equipped to treat MH.

Testing for MH susceptibility  From

Video of Stephanie Kuleba  From the Today show.
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