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Pharmacologic Intervention for Prevention of Shivering A
meta analysis of treatments for shivering.
Anesthesia &

Postanesthetic Tremor is not Thermoregulatory
Shivering. An abstract describing muscle activity of
postoperative tremors.

Shivering After Anesthesia  Short advice from Case
Western Reserve University.

Use of Space Blankets to Reduce Shivering  From the
British Journal of Anaesthesia.

Urinary Retention

Prevalence of Postoperative Bladder Distension  A
French study showing a surprising frequency of bladder
distension after surgery.  Also lists risk factors for
bladder distension.  
British Journal of Anaesthesia

Managing and Preventing Acute Urinary Retention  A
paper from NYU with detailed description of urinary
Reviews in Urology

American Society of Anesthesiologists  An FAQ from the
ASA about anesthesia.  Look at question #9 specifically
about urinary retention.

Urinary Retention After Hip and Knee Surgery  A meta
analysis of urinary retention articles.  
British Journal of
Medical Practitioners