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Preparation for anesthesia

When you are getting ready for surgery, you should also
know nothing about how or if you will be put to sleep for
the procedure.  Ideally you will have an appointment with
an anesthesiologist in a preoperative office visit so he
can go over your medical records with you to make sure
you are healthy enough for anesthesia.  It is bad if you
show up for surgery and the case gets cancelled
because there is a problem with your medical workup.  It
is worse if you have the surgery and a complication
develops because your medical evaluation was not
completed properly.

If you are having surgery performed in a surgery center,
they may employ only one or two anesthesiologists.  You
should be able to talk to them before your surgery
appointment.  If you're having it done in a hospital, they
may have many anesthesiologists there, making it
impossible to talk to the one who will be doing your case,
as case assignments may not be made until the night
before the operation.  If that is the case and you have
questions about your anesthesia, call the hospital
operator and have them transfer you to the
Anesthesiology Department.  They should be able find
somebody to help you.

Below is a list of links to help with your preparation.  It is
listed by different disease states.  The first one is a
general guide for patients from the ASA.

Lifeline to Modern Medicine  A new site from the ASA
with many FAQ's about anesthesia.

Risks and Complications  Info from WebMD.

Obesity in anaesthesia and intensive care  A very
complete review article from the
British Journal of

Diabetic Patients Undergoing Surgery  A helpful list of
guidelines for diabetic patients.

Hypertension  Review article from the Western Journal
of Medicine

Preoperative Cardiac Risk Assessment  From the
American Family Physician.

Latex Allergy  A handbook from the ASA for

Asthma  From a chapter in Bronchial Asthma: A Guide
for Practical Understanding and Treatment.

Herbal medicine and anesthesia  What you should know
about herbal supplements and its effects on anesthesia.
A handout from the ASA.

Surgical Complications of Obesity

Preparation for Anesthesia  Watch how an
anesthesiologist prepares for his cases. (2 parts)
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