Surgical Recall or Anesthesia

This is perhaps the greatest fear and the first subject
many patients ask when they meet their
anesthesiologist.  This page may even be the first page
you read when you came to our site.  The papers listed
below will show that while surgical recall is rare, it is not
zero.  Some of the papers also list guidelines that can
help lower the incidence of recall.

BIS Monitoring We have a whole page of links
discussing the use of this device to help prevent

Awareness Myths & Facts See how serious the ASA is
about this issue?  This is the first of FOUR links to the
ASA about anesthesia awarenss.

American Society of Anesthesiology A patient education
brouchure published by the ASA about awareness.

Awareness and recall during general anesthesia.  Facts
and Feelings Interviews with twenty-six patients who
experienced surgical recall.  

Preventing, and managing the impact of, anesthesia
awareness A sentinel event paper put out by The Joint
Commission, on the incidence and prevention of recall.

Recall of awareness during cardiac anaesthesia:
influence of feedback information to the anesthesiologist
A study of recall in a high risk surgical procedure.
Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica

Awareness with recall during general anaesthesia: a
prospective observational evaluation of 4001 patients
European (Spanish) surgical patients have similar
incidence of recall compared to the U.S.  
British Journal
of Anaesthesia

Depth-of-Anesthesia Monitor and the Frequency of
Intraoperative Awareness A recent paper published by
New England Journal of Medicine.

The Incidence of Awareness During Anesthesia: A
Multicenter United States Study A very large recent
study of awareness.  
Anesthesia & Analgesia.

Closed Malpractice Claims for Awareness During
Anesthesia ASA evaluation of malpractice claims for
anesthesia awareness.

ASA Awareness Registry If you have experienced
anesthesia awareness and would like to enroll in a
registry that tracks such cases, the ASA would like to
hear from you here.
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