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Regional Anesthesia

One of the main differences between
anesthesiologists and all the other medical
professionals who think they are because they can
push propofol is the ability to perform a regional
anesthetic.  The development of regional anesthesia
is almost as old as the history of general anesthesia.  
The indications for a regional anesthetic in highly
experienced hands is almost as broad as a general

In this section we will concentrate mostly on the most
common regionals, spinals and epidurals, then do
brief discussions other types of nerve blocks your
anesthesiologist may discuss with you ,depending on
your procedure.

American Society of Regional Anesthesia  A thorough
explanation of different types of regionals.

New York School of Regional Anesthesia  Videos of
different regional techniques.  Don't watch if you're

Spinal Anaesthesia-A Practical Guide  Everything
you've always wanted to know about spinals.

Epidural Anaesthesia-A Practical Guide  Everything
you've always wanted to know about epidurals.

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons  
Anesthesia for hip and knee surgery.

General vs. Regional Anesthesia for Hip Surgery  An
abstract from the British Journal of Anaesthesia.

American Society for Surgery of the Hand  A brief list
of nerve blocks for hand surgery

Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine  Controversy
in using ultrasound to guide regional anesthesia.

Ultrasound Guidance vs. Neurostimulation  An
abstract from the
British Journal of Anaesthesia.

Local Anesthesia Toxicity in Regional Anesthesia  A
paper from the Mayo Clinic.  
Anesthesia & Analgesia

Failed Spinal Anesthesia  Can spinal anesthesia fail?  
Yes, according to this paper.  
British Journal of

Controversies in Regional Anesthesia  An article from
ASA Newsletter.
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See amazing videos of what can be achieved with only
a regional anesthetic and sedation.  Seems most are
practiced outside the U.S.  For mature audiences only.

Awake cardiac bypass surgery

Awake aortic valve replacement

Awake cholecystectomy