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Moderate Sedation

Probably few terms in anesthesia cause more confusion
than "moderate sedation".  Formerly referred to as
professionals.  One plastic surgeon's web site boasts
how his patients do just fine under local anesthesia but
then he goes on to describe how his patients don't feel
any pain since they are sedated.  Well, that is the
definition of moderate sedation.
Here are definitions of moderate sedation as provided
by the ASA, as well as monitoring guidelines while
sedated.  There is also special emphasis on sleep
apnea and GI procedures under sedation.

MAC vs. Moderate Sedation Monitored Anesthesia Care
vs. Moderate Sedation as defined by the ASA.

Moderate Sedation for Adults Patient education handout
from the National Instute of Health.

Permission to Administer Moderate Sedation
Qualifications for health care providers who administer
moderate sedation per
The Joint Commission.

Moderate Sedation Procedures List of surgical
procedures that may be done under moderate sedation
(though I personally wouldn't want my craniotomy or
thoracoscopy done under sedation) A comprehensive site about sedation
for GI procedures.

Moderate Sedation for Nonanesthesiologists ASA
guidelines for nurse anesthetists, gastroenterologists,
radiologists, etc.

Intraoperative monitoring under sedation Policies of the
Society of Ambulatory Anesthesia.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Moderate Sedation

You can also read our sleep apnea page with
discussions of sleep apnea with general anesthesia and
treatments for sleep apnea.

Suitable for ambulatory surgery? ASA guidelines for
patients with sleep apnea in an outpatient setting.

Guidelines for patients with sleep apnea  ASA guidelines
for sedation or general anesthesia in patients with sleep

Sleep apnea in the GI endoscopy suite Abstract on
administering sedation in the endoscopy suite.  Abstract
is very short and not informative.  You will need to find
the full article at the library or buy it to get more detailed
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