The necessary function of sleep is surprisingly complex
and little understood.   There are literally thousands of
studies trying to understand why we sleep.  We
obviously will not even attempt to go into the details of
sleep here.  We're just going to provide a few links to
sleep and sleep disorders.  

Our main purpose is to discuss the differences between
natural sleep and anesthesia.  Since neither are well
understood, the papers can best be described as
theories for why anesthesia is different from sleep.  
There are numerous article on this subject that can only
be read either at the library or through a subscription
service so the few articles presented here on sleep and
anesthesia are just the tip of the iceberg.  It will at least
get you started if you are really interested.

Another common question patients ask is if they will
dream under anesthesia.  Here we provide a few links to
interesting articles but it is by no means comprehensive.

Brain Basics:Understanding Sleep A very thorough but
accessible article about the mechanism of sleep from
the National Instute of Health.

National Sleep Foundation A foundation about....sleep.

Insomnia  Thorough discussion from

Narcolepsy Information from the NIH

Sleep Apnea This subject deserves a page all to itself.  
Click to go to the next page.  They claim to have over 250,000 pages
of information about sleep disorders with one million
visitors per month.  

Anesthesia vs. Sleep

An Emerging Link Between General Anesthesia and
Sleep A frequently cited article describing molecular
links between sleep and anesthesia.
Proceedings of the
National Academy of Sciences

Studies Probe Anesthesia, Sleep Links A short article
describing studies involving flies and rats with molecular
Journal of the American Medical Association

Lack of Sleep After General Anesthesia From Case
Western Reserve University.

Coming Out of Anesthesia Not Mirror Image of Going
Under A quick summary of an article that appeared in
the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Anesthesia and Dreams

Dreaming During Anesthesia A nice study out of
Australia describing the incidence of dreams under

Sexual Dreaming During Anesthesia History of dreams
under anesthesia back to the 1800's.

BIS does not Predict Dreams Reported After Anesthesia
A Swedish study that shows no correlation between
dreams and level of awareness as measured by a
monitor. Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica

Awareness, Dreams, and Hallucinations Associated With
General Anesthesia A very brief abstract describing
incidence of dreams and hallucinations under
Anesthesia & Analgesia
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