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Sleep Apnea And Anesthesia

Sleep apnea carries certain risks when the patient is
having surgery.  In fact, some surgery centers will not
perform surgery on a patient if there is a diagnosis of
sleep apnea; the patient may get referred to a hospital
to have the surgery done.  The chief risk is in the
postanesthesia period, when the patient is still drowsy
and recovering from the anesthetic.  There is a higher
risk the patient will obstruct his airway leading to
cyanosis and cardiovascular collapse.   

American Sleep Apnea Association A non-profit
organization dedicated to the education of sleep apnea.

American Society of Anesthesiology Guidelines for
patients with sleep apnea.

Mayo Clinic A brief summary as written by two
anesthesiologists from the Mayo Clinic.

Talk About Sleep  Explanation of sleep study from
Stanford University.

CPAP An explanation of the CPAP device from the ASAA.

BiPAP A brief explanation of the difference between a
CPAP and a BiPAP.

Sleep Apnea Treatments From the NIH.

Surgical Treatment for Sleep Apnea A short list of
options from the ASAA.

Cautionary Tales About Surgical Treatments Surgery is
not guaranteed to work for sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea and Anesthesia  Educational video from
the ASA.

Educational video of sleep apnea.

Surgery for sleep apnea  A VERY graphic video of
surgery to relieve sleep apnea.  Read the comments
under the video; they are also helpful.