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Great Z'
Cardiothoracic Anesthesia

See some of the anesthetic considerations involved in
these complex cases.

Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists  FAQ's from
the SCA.

Cardiac Anesthesiology Made Ridiculously Simple  A
checklist for anesthesia residents and attendings from
Dr. Art Wallace of San Francisco.  Gets very technical.  Site with a large collection of
medical articles about thoracic anesthesia.


VATS Surgery for Lung Cancer Quick video on video
assisted thoracoscopy.

Coronary Artery Bypass  Educational animated video.

Anesthesia for brain surgery is highly technical.  
Consequently most of the links below are for medical
professionals.  But they are also very informative for
those willing to delve deeper into this field.  And don't
miss The Whole Brain Atlas link.  Very worthwhile.

Manual of Neuroanesthesia  A very long and detailed list
of different types of brain surgeries.

Anesthetic Management in Awake Craniotomy  A nice
review article on how to perform anesthesia on awake

The Whole Brain Atlas  A fascinating site with MRI
images of different brain diseases.


Craniotomy  Watch an old video on how craniotomies
are performed.  Ignore the cheesy music.

Awake Craniotomy  An interview with a patient about to
undergo an awake craniotomy.
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