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The recent death of Michael Jackson presumably from
the abuse of propofol and the emerging knowledge of
propofol's addictive qualities have spurred great interest
in this anesthesia staple.  My patients now ask more
specifically about what anesthetic they are going to
receive.  When they hear the word propofol, or Diprivan,
many recoil in fear.  Morbid jokes are exchanged about
morbid qualities in incompetent hands.  But after a
brief explanation of the
effects and versatility of
propofol, most patients are intrigued by the expectation
of receiving a "deadly" drug.  So below is a list of links
with as much information as possible about propofol,
and hoping patients will be informed and calmed by this
knowledge.  I have a separate page just for
addiction.  This page has more information about the

Diprivan  Here is the medication insert from the
manufacturer AstraZeneca.  It is in pdf format in tiny type.

FDA  Information from the Food and Drug Administration
on propofol, essentially the same as the AstraZeneca
insert but easier to read.

American Society of Anesthesiologists  Offical position
on the safe use of propofol, in pdf.

Propofol FAQ  From the ASA's Lifeline to Modern
Medicine campaign.

Propofol with egg allergy  Information from AstraZeneca.

Propofol dependency in a lay person An article from

Propofol abuse in anesthesiologists  From
Anesthesiology News.

Lusedra (generic fospropofol)  A new water soluble
version of propofol approved under restricted access.


Anesthetic works fast  A CNN video by Sanjay Gupta
showing an induction with propofol.

The proper use of propofol in a surgical center By Dr.
Michael Port of the D.I.S.C. Sports and Spine Center.
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